Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Personal Post-Editing Commandments

Well it's been a bit, hasn't it?

For the last little while I've been planning some posts concerning my favourite beauty products for Autumn. However, during my planning I got hit pretty hard with a virus/cold that's been going around Toronto. So, for example, swatching different lip colours on my lips didn't seem the wisest choice.

During my sickness though, I realized the importance of editing. I decided to really pare down my previously 'Top 10' lists to 'Top 5's. I found that while it can be nice to scroll through a blog post of lovely swatches, most of the products I put in were there more as just what I generally would wear rather than what my must-have, loved colours were. And, as I do tend to lean more towards the budget/drugstore end of the beauty world, I figured I'd keep the posts wallet-friendly for the time being.

So here's the rules I've given myself for future "Top __" posts for editing down to my favourites. If for no other reason I'm posting these for the sake of reminding myself to stick to them, and for reference when I write future posts.

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