Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween DIY: Fake melted pillar candle tealight holders!

Holy wow. Is that DIY name a mouthful or what?

Here I give you the first of what will likely be many more DIYs I will post to this blog. This is the first Halloween I've had living in my own place that I actually want to decorate. I was living in student housing before (nothing like a room with thin plaster walls and checkered tiles?), and since moving into my new place almost a full year ago, I never really got a chance to even think about decorating for holidays. Mostly just unpacking boxes and assembling furniture. Which I am still doing. It's a little pathetic.

So I bring to you today an easy, wallet-friendly Halloween DIY that you can make with supplies you likely already have lying around the house!

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Toronto Fashion Week 2013: My first fashion show!

So yesterday, I was definitely walking on clouds. At 1:45 PM I got a text from my friend Christine Lieu of In Lieu Of Apparel asking me if I wanted to go to see the 3 PM Hilary MacMillan show at World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week. After about 15 minutes of deliberating due to the on-call I had at work for 6 PM (that's about a 1 1/2 hour commute away), I leaped into action and began scrambling for what to wear. You see, I have never been to Fashion Week. I have never seen a fashion show live. The closest I've ever gotten to seeing a live fashion show before yesterday was watching runways online and the Victoria's Secret fashion shows on TV. I had no idea what clothing to put on my body.

So after throwing probably every article of clothing and footwear I own around my apartment, I got dressed, threw on my most chic Steve Madden coat and ran like a mother****** out my door. I got to the tents right as it started to rain with 15 minutes to spare before the show. I was sweaty and gross and astonished my makeup had stayed in place... but I didn't care. I found Christine and we bolted inside and took our seats.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Review: Honey by Marc Jacobs

So... first post, eh? Awkward. Feels like a first date. Only it's over a blog, not a dinner table or bag of popcorn.

It seems that most of my social networking names link back to the first motif of my internet identity, a bumblebee. So I figured... hey, why not find a way to tie that into the name here too? On that note, I figure it only appropriate to start off by doing a review of this new scent in my (albeit, quite small) perfume collection.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013


My name's Michaela, or Mickie as my friends call me.

I'm a student, an illustrator, a blogger, and a seasoned vlogger. I love fashion, beauty, art... and this is my little soapbox to tell the whole world about it.

Let's be friends?
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