Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Swatch and Review: My Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter collection + lip/hand swatches!

Am I a little late to the lip butter party? Probably.

I love Revlon lip butters. Like, a lot. Why? Because I am likely the laziest person you could ever meet. My makeup needs to be quick, light, and simple. Because I am admittedly not very experienced when it comes to makeup.

I can barely even do a smoky eye.

So when the Revlon lip butter hype finally reached me this past summer, OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS. Shoppers Drug Mart had sales... I went a little crazy... and now I own eight of them.

And, as a rite of passage for all beauty bloggers I believe it is time I post my first swatch post. Because why not? Also, I'm making an effort to swatch in all the ways I believe to be most helpful from a buyer's standpoint. A swatch on the hand to me isn't very helpful when it comes to the lips, and a swatch on the lips isn't helpful if I don't know the neutral colour of the lips of the person swatching. So I'mma swatch in ALL THE WAYS. And I might regret this decision.

I go through phases with these butters depending on the season. Whether I'm in the mood to wear them or something heavier, which colour is my current favourite... etc. But I like the ones I own for different occasions, so if you're debating on which one to get, feel free to leave a comment asking my opinions and whatnot.

Anyhow. Hold onto your pants, ladies and gents. It's swatching time.

  • Moisturizing. Though not so much so as their rival, the Maybelline Babylips, in my humble opinion. However, I refuse to own more than the one Babylips I own for terrible packaging reasons.
  • Good colour selection. Aside from lacking some really dark vampy colours, I'd say there's something for everyone. The pigmentation is also really nice, though a bit inconsistent amongst the different releases.
  • Easy to apply. I don't even need a mirror for the majority of these. (Aside from Lollipop and maybe Candy Apple) Just swipe on and go!
  • Affordability. The fact that I own eight of these should be a testament to that. As a student who pretty much exclusively buys things that are on sale or promotion, I think it's safe to say I can be somewhat of a cheapskate at times. But these go on sale constantly and the majority of the ones I own I purchased for about $4-$5 at Shoppers Drug Mart and their full-price is usually around $9-$11.
  • Packaging. For the most part, I do love the packaging of these products. I'll go more about it in the cons, however. The external part is quite pretty, and doesn't look cheap or juvenile like a lot of drugstore products can look. I like that the tubes match the product's colour, and you can see the product colour through a clear window at the top of the casing.
  • Scent. These do have a slight vanilla scent to them, which in my opinion is kind of nice. There is no taste I can detect, but I know some people don't like a scent to their lip products. I think this one is subtle enough to not be too abrasive for a sensitive nose, though.
  • Packaging. This is something that I know bothers some people, though for my self per say, I don't mind too much. Essentially, when you twist the product down, some of the product smudges against the bullet and well... it's not really aesthetically pleasing. Some say this wastes product, though since it's still technically on the bullet, I think you should still be able to? Most of this was remedied however in the last two releases, with the formula being a bit less... melty? Yeah. Don't leave these in a hot car.
  • Packaging... again. This one isn't so much about how the permanent packaging is, more so the parts you throw away. That being, the hygiene seals they have in the store to keep them from being used... that don't really exist. They basically have a little sticker part keeping it closed, which for those of us who have gone to a drugstore in our lives know does nothing to keep them unused. Drugstores around me did start taking matters into their own hands by using clear tape around the base of the cap on new shipments. But really, Revlon? They shouldn't have to do that. I get the extra cost, but shrink wrap that sh**. I'd rather that extra plastic being used than oodles of product being damaged out.
  • Inconsistent pigmentation/shimmer. This is what made it hard for me when I first went out to pick up some of these. For some they are SO incredibly pigmented. Others? Not so much. Some have shimmer, some don't. It's hard to tell when they're on the shelf. Especially with their past two releases having such light pigmentation, I'm curious to see if and when they come out with new shades.


(For reference, my skin tone is NC15 at M.A.C.)


Candy Apple: Classic neutral red. Looks a bit more coral here than it is. A nice, easy-to-wear red on days when I want a red lip, but don't want to bust out a full-on lipstick.

Wild Watermelon: Bright watermelon pink. Love this colour for spring and summer. A nice in between pinky/red colour that really brightens up a look. This one grew on me and I think it would flatter a lot of people.


Sweet Tart: Candy-coloured pink. This one was the first pink lip colour I ever owned and I love it. It's very girly, so I love to wear it on days where I'm feeling quite feminine.

Lollipop: Bright fuschia with slight shimmer. This colour is pretty bold, so I'll only wear it for going out at night or when I'm feeling adventurous with my makeup. The shimmer is a little gritty when putting it on, but you can't feel it during wear which I like since I don't like glitter or shimmer in my lip products typically.


Juicy Papaya: Sheer peachy-orange colour. I love this colour and it's become one of my go-to neutral lip colours. It's subtle, but brightens up my face when I'm in a pinch. It clings to the dry patches on my lips a bit, but it softens after a bit of wear and isn't noticeable to my eye.

Tutti Frutti: Bright cantaloupe orange. One of the first butters I bought, and I swear I thought I was crazy when I tried it when I got home. But it really grew on me! If you're nervous about trying an orange lip colour, pick this one up. It's buildable and very fun for the warmer months! (Or whenever you'd like, really.) Slightly patchy on dry lips, but not that noticeable.


Creamsicle: Light orange-based neutral tone. Think peaches and cream? This was one of the first butters I bought along with Tutti Frutti. I wore this quite a bit when I first got it... but I really don't know why. I can't stand this one. It gives me the dreaded "zombie lips" and clings to every slightly dry or flaky patch on my lips. If you are blessed with perfectly hydrated, pigmented lips this may work for you. For me, however, it did not.

Macaroon: Brown/mauve/pink with small glitter particles. This one my family picked up for me when they were in the UK as this one is a UK exclusive shade. I'd say the closest one to it that I've seen elsewhere would be Pink Truffle? This shade is a really nice kind of "my lips but better" colour. The glitter is very subtle... a little gritty when trying the lippie on but not that uncomfortable. I think this would flatter a lot of people! Less orange-leaning than it is in the picture.


I think these lip butters are pretty great. Aside from Creamsicle, I would recommend these to anyone interested in them. The colour range for these is pretty great, and they're very affordable and easy to apply.

(From left to right: Candy Apple, Wild Watermelon, Sweet Tart, Lollipop, Juicy Papaya, Tutti Frutti, Creamsicle, Macaroon)

Do you love the Revlon Lip Butters as much as I do? Have a shade to recommend or want colour recommendations? Let me know!

And I'd love to hear if you found this way of swatching helpful. I'm still pretty new to all this and if you prefer one way on another, give me a shout!

Stay sweet.


(Disclaimer: All of these were purchased with my own money. Aside from Macaroon, which was a gift from my family.)


  1. i somehow missed getting macaroon when i was in the UK and i was quite sad! these are great swatches. i try to include different things when swatching a product but i admit i am not as good at it as this. i wish i had a camera that didn't absolutely suck for lip swatches... something i'm working on anyway! :) great, helpful post!


  2. Love this post! My least favourite thing about them is that they aren't sealed when you buy them--I always have to go through each one and find one that doesn't look like someone's already tried it. Grrrr! Drives me nuts, but I still love them :c)

    1. I'm so glad you loved it!

      And I completely forgot to add that in... going to do that now! Drives me nuts as well. Like I have to play detective and inspect each product prior to purchasing it, haha.


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