Monday, February 24, 2014

Review: Lush Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb and Gold FUN (Bath Bomb SPOILERS)

So it looks like pretty much all of the posts I've been writing lately have been reviews. What can I say? They're the quickest ones I can put together, and honestly they're the blog posts I enjoy reading the most!

Currently I'm on my Reading Week, so on Tuesday my friend Vicki and I went skiing/snowboarding for a couple nights up in Collingwood. While it was fun to get out there and be active and unwind, holy crap am I sore. I've been skiing since I was about 6 years old, but I haven't been able to for the past few years thanks to a couple of concussions. It wasn't difficult to remember how to ski... but let's just say my poor body, dominantly my shins, were not ready for that kind of physical exertion.

First night back home... what do I do? Nice hot bath, of course. Trying new products... why don't I review them? :)


Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb - $5.95

"Inspired by the ruler of the Pagan Feast of Fools, Lord of Misrule brings mischievous revelry to the tub with a spicy herbal blend of patchouli and black pepper oil. As it slowly froths in the water, hypnotic swirling silver luster is released and the deep green exterior soon gives way to a rich, wine-colored center. Just like at the Feast of Fools, when the wine begins flowing, the revelry really begins! Popping candies fizz and crackle, creating a world of magic and mischief right before your eyes."

This bath bomb came out this year for Halloween, and the Lushies loved it so much that Lush kept it as a permanent product! (From what I've been told.)

It's a very spicy scent, so if you're more of a fruity/sweet scent person I would steer clear. This was one I was very wary of when smelling it in-store, as when dry it is very strong. However, on nights where I need to soothe achy muscles for whatever reason, I tend to lean towards more spicy/warm scents, thus why I picked this up.

The main notes are patchouli and black pepper, which admittedly sounds very harsh for a relaxing bath. But I find the vanilla absolute in it really softened the scent, and I actually really liked it in the bath!

Because I have a small tub in a small bathroom, there was no way I was going to use that entire spice bomb all in one go. Like I do with most of my bath bombs, (excluding ones like Pheonix Rising, my favourite bomb, which you can't do this to) I cut it in half. Now I've seen many people have trouble with this, and I'll admit when I actually thought that meant using a knife to cut that may have led to the reason I keep gauze and an ice pack stocked at all times. (oops?) I could make a blog or vlog on how to do this if you guys would like me to, but for now I'll just link to a video that another girl already made on how to do it. No knives involved, just a hammer and a flathead screwdriver. It's really easy to do!

As you can see, Misrule is one that has a "surprise" inside of it. A really pretty plummy-red colour that I thought would be really pretty in the bath, and that I could definitely imagine would make a cool Halloween bath.

Against my better judgement, I thought it would make sense to take some pictures of the bomb in the bath! (Expensive camera + body of water = heart palpitations) Even though this is only half of the bomb, I think you still get a pretty good sense of what it looks like. This bomb, like pretty much all of my favourites, kind of put on a show, so to speak. It swirled around, fizzed slowly, had tail of colour, and went out with a bang with the popping candies it has on the inside.

Once I got in for a soak, my first thought was just how pretty the colour of the bath was. Being the designer I am, to be exact it looked like Pantone 23-3-7 C. Lovely, right?

The warming properties of the black pepper felt really nice on my sore muscles, and the scent in the bath really softened and wasn't harsh at all like I was worried it would be. To my nose, it was pleasant! Also, I think it would be good to mention that this was totally fine for my sensitive skin.

Once I got out, my skin was smooth and soft, and I was much more relaxed than when I first got in. I think this one might be a new favourite of mine, but definitely reserved for only for certain circumstances! (ie. Aprés ski!)

Gold FUN - $6.95

"Have your bath and play with it too! We’ve created a very special limited-edition version of FUN, our multipurpose shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy just for this holiday season. We started with our best-selling honey-toffee fragrance to give it an incredibly delicious aroma, then we added a luxurious gold luster! Resist the urge to take a bite of this sweet roll, despite how scrumptious it smells. Instead, we recommend you mold it into some fancy jewelry or a gold medal, then smush it under running water to get a tub full of soft, sweet caramel-scented bubbles. Delectable!"

Since Misrule has such a spicy scent, I decided to finally try the limited edition Gold FUN I picked up over the holidays! The scent is a honey/toffee scent, which definitely softened the scent of the bomb. Though it was a LE product, I'm sure you can still pick it up on eBay if you were interested!

Out of the two products I used, this was the one I wasn't as impressed with. I had never purchased other colours of FUN before as, well, I couldn't smell a damn thing on them in the shop. The gold one however I could actually smell a bit, and was too pretty for me to pass up!

The one thing I was happy with was that the scent of the product was apparent when I used it. It was light and sweet and I think it would work well cocktailed with pretty much any other bath product. There wasn't much colour in the bath from it from what I could tell, but as I pretty much always use my bubble bars with something else that didn't bother me. The bubbles however left much to be desired.

When I have a bath, I love to soak for a while. I like the water to be high and the bubbles to last a pretty long time. By the time I had run 1/5 of the... dough?... under the tap and took my pictures, there really wasn't very many bubbles left. I suppose for the price of the bar and the fact that the product is multi-use I should have realized that would happen, so I suppose due to that I'm okay with it. But if you're looking for something that'll give you tons of bubbles without the help of jacuzzi jets... don't go for FUN.


All in all, would I recommend both of these products? If the scents are something that sounds up your alley, then yes!

The Lord of Misrule lived up to the hype that I got from the girls at my Lush. And while the bubbles from the FUN weren't that... fun... I know that next time I want to take a dip it'll be a cute novelty to play with. (Because I'm a mature adult.) Also, the scent is too yummy to pass up, as I think a permanent vanilla bubble bar is something Lush is seriously lacking!

Have you tried either of these products? If so, what did you think of them?

I promise I'll stop making so many posts centred around Lush, but as a reformed crazy Lushie I can't help myself!

If there are any posts you're interested in seeing from me, let me know in the comments and if it sounds like something I could do I'll try and get on it ASAP!

Stay sweet.


(Disclaimer: All products shown were purchased with my own money.)


  1. great reviews! I adore Lush too and Misrule was fantastic. Gold FUN is a fantastic scent but I prefer the It's Raining Men format, although I still have a couple packs of FUN from boxing day gift boxes, I might use it like a bar of soap instead.

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